The Comfort Noodle Dishes of Winter

Ribbons of fresh pasta tossed with earthy Bolognese, silky ramen noodles swirling around sweet Kabocha squash sauce, a rich and creamy mac and cheese topped with slivers of heady Oregon truffles. What is it about noodle dishes that comfort the soul in the heart of winter?

We like to paraphrase the quote by the famous Italian film director Federico Fellini: “Life is a combination of magic and noodles.” Because in the Pacific Northwest, there’s one sure way to brighten even the rainiest days-with a dish where comfort noodles are the star ingredient.

Which is why we asked three local chefs to share some of their favorite recipes-each matched with four thoughtful beverage pairings-to bring delicious comfort into your kitchen and a dash of magic to your winter nights.


Sip Northwest Magazine| January 2018